Covid-19 measures

What are we doing to contrast Covid-19

From 01-01-2021 to 31-12-2021

If you are planning to stay at one of our apartments or in our Bed and Breakfast, we want to reassure you that we are living by our values of responsibility and care. This means taking care of our guests, being consistent with our already high standards of hygiene, and implementing additional measures based on the guidance of local health authorities. Your health and safety during this time is, in fact, our highest priority.

As we keep our vigilance high, let us not forget to keep our spirits even higher. Addler House welcomes you to stay with us as we remain resilient and ready to serve our guests.

In view of COVID-19, we would like to share some of measures taken to ensure a very high standard of care at our properties. In all our apartments we carry out the following procedures at each departure:

  • complete linen change with 90 ┬░ washing
  • steam cleaning of mattresses and sofas
  • sanitization of sink filters and showerheads (every 15 days) against legionella
  • sanitizing air conditioning and heating filters (every 15 days)
  • cleaning of the apartment with alcohol-based product (active ingredient 70% ethanol)
  • Room sanitization using ozone generators to eliminate completely all harmful germs.

Besides that, our rates are among the best on the web: before booking elsewhere please get our quotation by entering the arrival date and number of nights, you will be surprised!


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