Infiorata di Noto, an incredible show that tinges the streets of the golden city with a thousand colors

Infiorata di Noto

Every year since 1980, on the third week of May, Noto is transformed into a flower garden.

The event was born from the meeting of Genzanesi and Netini flower artists, and it is precisely in the city of Genzano, in the province of Rome, that this “pictorial” technique was born.

 In the city of Noto, Via Corrado Nicolaci is the street where the infiorata is born;

the impact is strong, above the Church of Montevergini which contrasts with the impotence of the palace of Prince Nicolaci also known as the “Golden Villa”, whose balconies have been defined among the most beautiful in the world.

Today the floral display of Noto is considered one of the most beautiful manifestations of the entire island, an event that gives voice to the inhabitants of this area of ​​Sicily to greet, through art, folklore and nature, the spring season that goes to conclude.

Those who have the opportunity to visit Sicily in those days of May will be able to admire the floral creations, and will be able to observe their development step by step; the end result is a unique riot of spring colors and scents.

The undisputed protagonists of these days are the florists and flower artists who, by actually participating in a competition that will reward the best creation, are real painters who, thanks to the dedication and passion that drives them, create real works of art every year. art.

Flower Festival of Noto 2023

The 44th edition of the infiorata in the suggestive city of Noto has just ended.ondo per la nuova manifestazione dell’Infiorata 2023: ecco le date e il tema della 44esima edizione.

After the enormous success of last year, the Infiorata di Noto 2023 began on Friday 19 May, the day in which each of the winning artists of the competition for the creation of theme-inspired sketches took possession of the box assigned to them, among sixteen available, on the lava slabs that pave via Nicolaci.

The first sketch, depicting the coat of arms of the city of Noto, is always placed at the beginning of the work and created by the students of the Noto Art Institute.

 During the event, the selection committee of the winning sketches supervises the execution of the works, making sure that all the criteria for choosing the material, shapes, colors and execution times are respected.

Then begins the first phase of the artistic weaving with authors and “infioratori” intent on tracing the outlines of the drawings with special chalks, the first sketch of the harmonious balance of shapes and colors that they set out to create.

The historic carpet of flowers, 122 meters long and 7 meters wide, measuring approximately 700 m2, will require the use of approximately 400,000 flowers, including carnations and gerberas, daisies, tufts of fennel and euphorbia, valerian, artemisia and myrtle flowers, olive branches and the many other natural materials that the flower artists go to collect firsthand in the countryside of the wonderful and vast territory of the Val di Noto.

The event takes place every year on the third week of May: the preparation of the flower carpet begins on Friday and continues throughout the day on Saturday and throughout the night, therefore visible in all its splendor only from Sunday morning.

This is how the traditional competition begins on Sunday morning and will intensify until late in the evening.

The theme of the 2023 Infiorata

This year, the 44th Infiorata in Via Nicolaci was inspired by cinema: with the title “Noto è cinema”. The traditional 16 sketches have been embellished with some scenes from films shot in recent years in the wonderful town.

Infiorata di Noto: an always different message

From “Noto Capitale del Barocco” to “The Great Masters of the Italian twentieth century”, passing through China, America and the theme of music, this event deals with a new theme each time and offers an original and joyful expression capable of enchant the eyes and beyond.

An event as an opportunity for conception and comparison between the various sectors of culture and art. The floral display of Noto extends its center of interest and multiplies the strengths and points of attention of the event.

This artistic sharing strengthens every year that “sicility” coined by Sciascia, which will always keep Sicilians united with Sicily, even when they are far from it. The intensity and enthusiasm that the event generates are at first visual impact but carry within themselves the will and artistic commitment such as to make it a true representation of Sicilian culture in the world. Definitely one of those events rich in culture and tradition that is worth meeting once in a lifetime! See you next year!

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