The San Maurizio antiques market in Venice

Addler House - The San Maurizio antiques market in Venice

The one held in Campo San Maurizio is a historic antiques market that has been held in Venice since 1970, on the initiative of a small group of Venetian antique dealers and collectors.

The market takes place for 5 weekends every year and involves over 50 professional exhibitors from all over Italy to satisfy the most demanding collectors.

The market takes place in the characteristic San Marco district, surrounded by buildings that are interesting from a historical and architectural point of view.

Among these we remember the Church of San Maurizio where Antonio Canova studied and the Bellavite Palace where the writer Alessandro Manzoni and the Venetian poet Giorgio Baffo lived.

Browsing through the stands of the market you can easily come across rare and precious pieces, belonging to different eras and styles from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, exhibited on the typical original wooden structures of the 70s.

Paintings, lamps, rare and ancient books, mirrors, maps and vintage prints, vintage clothing, jewelry, Murano glass pieces, fine fabrics and Burano lace, precious ceramics are some of the things that can be found in Campo San Maurizio.

Addler House - The San Maurizio antiques market in Venice - Programma 2021

The time is always from 9.00 to 19.00, but the best time to visit the market is certainly early in the morning, when the stalls are not crowded and you can find the most particular, rare and precious pieces.

The best day is Friday, when usually only Venetians walk around the square and browse the stalls.

The market takes place for 5 weekends every year, usually the first weekend of June, the week of the feast of San Maurizio, 22 September and during the two weekends preceding Easter and Christmas.

The market has an official website: and a Facebook page:

Here are all the contacts for further information

Campo San Maurizio, 30124 Venezia
Tel. 333 9659994 – 3471280848

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