M9: the 20th century museum in Venice Mestre

Museo M9 Venezia Mestre

The M9 museum in Venice Mestre belongs to a new concept of museums that narrates the lights and shadows of a century as intense as the twentieth century in an innovative and compelling way.

If it is true that one hundred years, compared to human history, is a very short period of time, in the twentieth century the life of Italians has changed a lot and very quickly. It was in fact the century of world wars but also of the discoveries of science and technology, of collective movements, of the years of lead and of the cold war but also of freedom, civil rights, economic boom and widespread well-being.

The M9 tells the story of everyone through the small and large transformations of the nineteenth century: from everyday life to major social, economic, cultural and environmental changes. The Museum of the 1900s, thanks to immersive technologies, is able to make us relive this recent past with an engaging narrative.

Here we find the icons of the twentieth century that made Italy famous in the world, such as Ferrari and Fiat 500, or the phenomenon that saw the advent of the mass advertising of the Carosello or even the table football and then again the panettone and the high fashion: everything that makes us feel Italian, in short, finds its place in the museum alongside the great events and big names in politics, economics, culture and scientific research.

As we read on the museum website, “The twentieth century of M9 is everyone’s story, a collective fresco in which everyone can find themselves and relocate their lives, that of grandparents and parents, within the great historical phenomena”.

But the 20th century is also the century of images and in fact the multimedia contents of the museum give us an enormous heritage of photographs, newspapers, magazines, posters, radio recordings, films and documentaries, amateur filming and television programs.

At the M9 you will not find “no photography” signs: this is a museum to touch, explore, experience and share. A museum where everyone can follow their interests and create original and personal tour itineraries, without having to follow a set path.

The M9 is an unmissable experience for you who love art, design, history, anthropology, sociology, photography, advertising.

But here is some practical information: timetables, ticket prices and how to get to the museum.

Opening time:

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the museum is open from 2.30pm to 8.30pm, while Saturday and Sunday from 10.30am to 8.30pm. On these days it is necessary to book at least one day before the visit, by writing to ufficiogruppi@m9museum.it.
Please note that the museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and that the ticket office closes an hour earlier.

Ticket fares:

  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday the cost of the ordinary ticket is 8 euros. 5 euro the cost of the reduced ticket for minors from 7 to 18 years; students up to 26 years with Student Card or university card / booklet; People with disabilities; visitors over the age of 65.
  • On Saturday and Sunday the cost of the ordinary ticket is 10 euros. 8 euros for the reduced price for children from 7 to 18 years; students up to 26 years with Student Card or university card / booklet; People with disabilities; visitors over the age of 65.

Admission is free for children up to 6 years of age; 1 guide per group; 1 companion for a disabled person; ICOM members.

The M9 museum can be easily reached on foot in the pedestrian area in a few minutes from Colombo Apartment or B&B Colombo il Museo M9.

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